Arts Complex, St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh

About the exhibition

The premise of this exhibition was to create the opportunity for members of edge to describe both the source of their inspiration and the methods employed to bring their ideas to fruition.
Working with stitch and textiles is often very time consuming and frequently results in the production of several trial’ samples’ in paper, fabric or a mix of materials before a decision on how to proceed with the final process is made; these samples are frequently as interesting or, occasionally, more interesting than the finished item.

Due to the very high standards imposed by the members of our group upon themselves, most pieces shown here are complete, however several artists have included either original drawings, samples, sketch books or ideas from sketch books, thus offering an insight into their working practice.

A large number of submissions were received, and the work is not only extremely varied but also beautifully executed and presented. Hanging an exhibition with themes as diverse as landscape and environment, historical studies, interest in antique textiles, family roots, architecture, observations of modern life, and current affairs can be extremely challenging, and I am grateful for the help and advice I have received from Derek at the Art’s Complex and my helpers. We are all indebted to the Committee who have put in so much hard work, not only this week, but in the weeks leading up to the Exhibition. It has been an enjoyable and fun (if exhausting) experience for us all.

Once again edge has produced an exhibition showing the best of contemporary textile art; I am proud and delighted to have played a part in bringing it all together.

liza green