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edge textile artists Scotland is a group dedicated to promoting excellence in contemporary textile art in Scotland.

Recent exhibition – edge @ Verdant Works

An exhibition inspired by the history of the jute industry in Dundee

21 January – 23 April 2017 Verdant Works, West Henderson's Wynd, Dundee DD1 5BT


Insight and Inspiration – artists’ exhibition statements from edge @ Verdant Works

Photographs from Verdant Works archives showed female weavers with bobbins of jute thread hanging from their waists. This was my starting point.

Maureen Shepherd

It’s a black and white image, massively enlarged and drawing you into the drabness and poverty of their lives. But, looking again, I saw friendship and smiles. What was it that gave those women their spirit and strength of character?

Eileen Campbell

I was also struck by the fact that armies, soldiers and civilians alike continue to use jute sandbags as a form of protection, as they have been doing since at least the late 18th century...

Liza Green

In my piece there are elements of my memories of Dundee where I lived as a student when the city was changing greatly.

Jennifer Hamshere

Strands of Time, Edinburgh 2016

Our major exhibition, Strands of Time, focused on ‘past, present and future’; encouraging visitors and members alike to be inspired by the past, excited by the present and intrigued by the future of edge. Shown at Edinburgh Palette in 2016, Strands of Time featured three galleries, three points in time, curated by three teams from within the group. Explore our virtual galleries here, or grab a cuppa and watch the videos to see the work on display, and enjoy the visitors’ comments.

group of textiles

Gallery 1 – the past

Alison King, the first chairperson of edge, had the unenviable task of curating the best examples from some of our previous exhibitions for Gallery 1 of Strands of Time (exhibited in Edinburgh 2016). She and Rosemary Campbell selected work that

group of textiles

Gallery 2 – the present

Gallery 2 of Strands of Time aimed to inspire with present work from ‘edge’ members. This room was curated by two of our current members – Jennifer Hamshere and Wilma Graham. They wanted to showcase the range of current diverse

group of textiles

Gallery 3 – the future

Gallery 3 – edge’s intriguing future, curated by Kim Gunn and Ali Ferguson. This exciting inspirational space highlighted how members are edge-ing their way forward and how the group is open to new work from people interested in joining. We