Artist Statement

Having been taught embroidery by my grandma, I dabbled in many stitch-based
 creative activities until I found free machining, which became, and still 
is, my favourite technique.

Many things inspire me – ancient marks in stone, particularly Pictish
 symbols; sea- and landscapes; old, worn surfaces whether on a rotting hulk 
or a carefully darned sheet; interpreting places I have been in an abstract

When edge members were given the opportunity to select a poem to interpret for exhibition, from Gerda Stevenson’s 2018 volume, Quines – poems in tribute to women of Scotland, I chose At Miss Eardley’s and stitched a version of one of her Glasgow street kids and mounted it on a background reminiscent of the graffiti walls of the Gorbals.
For an exhibition at the Harbour Gallery in Kirkcudbright I took inspiration from the painter, Hornel, who lived in Kirkcudbright, and brought kimono pattern books back from Japan. My interest in Japanese boro produced two pieces depicting kimonos in different techniques.

Latterly, some of my work has had a figurative element. I was particularly 
disturbed by the migrant crisis, and the rise in homelessness in my city. 
Figures depicting these sad situations appeared in some pieces.

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