Work by Annette Bruton :: Poem by Gerda Stevenson

textile art

Saint Margaret

Born Hungary, 1045, died Edinburgh, 1093; married to King Malcolm 111 – Ceann Mòr / Canmore; the only real Scottish saint, known as the Pearl of Scotland, but among the Gaels as `Maighread nam Mallachd’

From Quines by Gerda Stevenson

Artist’s statement

This wonderful, poignant poem seemed to shine like a beacon over the ages. It recognises the reach of Queen Margaret in the dynasty of the Kings of Scotland and also how she influenced change in the culture and language of our country.  The poem conveyed to me a sense of the strength of St Margaret’s character and made me want to visit St Margaret’s Cave which I then did for the first time.  It was a moving experience.

This work tries to capture the simplicity and strength of St Margaret’s faith and the light that comes through history but also the barbs that signify the undermining of the native tongues of Scotland.