Work by Pam Westwick :: Poem by Gerda Stevenson

textile art

Kantha Sari Heirloom

Mina Ray, born Calcutta, 1938, died Kilbarchan, 2013; linguist, community education worker, interpreter, scholar, cultural activist and ambassador; pioneered an empowerment programme of literacy, citizenship and rights issues for women in Greater Glasgow in the 1970s; one of Scotland’s first interpreter trainers.

From Quines by Gerda Stevenson

Artist’s statement

Title of work: Heirloom Journey from India to Scotland

I was initially drawn to the poem about Mina Ray, an impressive woman, because my previous work has been inspired by the colours, architecture and culture of India. On deeper reading of the poem and Mina’s journey, I wanted to capture the initial impressions she must have felt going from exotic  and sunny Bengal to rainswept Glasgow. The flowers, delicate jasmine and lily, in the piece are portrayed not only because they stitched on her sari but with the addition of the jagged thistle, again show the contrasts facing Mina when she arrived in Scotland. I have also tried to display Kantha work in the piece – a reflection of how her heirloom sari was made.

My work is mixed media using recycled paper which I paint, sheer fabrics, embroidery& beading.