Artist Statement

I am a textile artist. My inspiration comes mainly from the landscape and man’s relationship with the land, which has been reflected through his working on the land through the ages and through his art, especially in ancient and tribal peoples who have been closely linked to the land.

As a keen hill walker, I love to observe the subtle changes in the landscape and patterns created by the light and changing seasons of the year. I am fortunate to be able to travel widely, this gives me a great opportunity to observe and record inspiration with my camera in a wide variety of landscapes and cultures as I go. Colour is also a great inspiration. The landscape is full of subtle variations. It’s a delight to see.

Stitch has become for me a "mark," an "expression" either as a single stitch or as a group where it becomes a maker of texture. I mainly work with paper and a mixture of hand and machine stitching. New materials may be found on my journeys.

At present I am working with the idea of pattern on pattern.

My work may be large or small scale usually working on several pieces at the same time.