Artist Statement

Landscape has proved to be my inspiration over a long period of time. In our most recent exhibition at the Lillie Gallery, the panel ‘Evanescence’, is exploring the ephemeral and transient atmosphere of the woods on a misty day. While, in a former exhibition, members worked with the poetry of Gerda Stevenson. I chose her poem ‘It’s Aye Sang Wi Me’ as the Scots tongue reminds me of my childhood. In it I chose to return to working with double layering, a technique that continues to fascinate me.

‘In it Thegither’ was my second exhibition with my friend and colleague Alison King. In lockdown my interest in textiles proved to be my ‘saving grace’ providing me with the opportunity to move on and develop my interest in still life. The objects surrounding me in my home bring me such joy. They evoke memories and kindnesses. Art created for a domestic setting still has relevance and meaning for me and it is here that my textiles can play a part.

I exhibit regularly with ‘edge-textile artists scotland’ where I enjoy the deadlines, challenges and friendship that belonging to a group bring.