Artist Statement

In the recent ‘edge’ exhibition members worked with the poet Gerda Stevenson. I chose the poem ‘It’s Aye Sang Wi Me’ as I do love the Scots tongue. It reminds me of my childhood; drawing inspiration from this poem I researched where and when Lady Nairne lived to create a ‘portrait’ of her. I used these elements along with Jacobite culture as my starting point, creating an embellished background based on the colour, texture and the imagery I collected and collated in my sketchbook.

In 2019 I had a two man show with my ‘edge’ colleague Alison King. In this exhibition my major piece consisted of 3 panels which I have recently extended to 5. Here, I drew inspiration from Glentress Forest in the Scottish Borders quoting from the naturalist John Muir: ‘Into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul’. I use organza stretched over mirrors to create density and depth, a sense of mystery and movement and the birds are executed in shadow work to create contrast and bring joy.

I exhibit regularly with ‘edge-textile artists scotland’ as well as with The Textile Study Group. I enjoy the deadlines and challenges and the friendships that belonging to a group brings.