Artist Statement

Inspiration for my work is drawn from the rural area where I live. An interest in history also sets me on a journey of exploration to determine the interaction between mankind, nature and the landscape. I try to reflect the timelessness of these activities. A dialogue is created and enhanced, through the interaction between fabric, paper, paint, stitch and the impact of the natural environment on these manmade tangibilities. I impart the landscapes patterns and colours on fabric and paper by burying them in the local fields, wrapping round trees, leaving in streams and rusting found objects. The distressed material retains memories, it is then printed and stitched with my marks, thereby creating new strata. I am interested in the use and abuse of the land and how fragile the balance is. I try to reflect this concern within my work.

I have become interested in the 3D qualities of fabric books and enjoy the challenge of solving problems in constructing them.

Instagram @evergreenmo8