Artist Statement


  • Natural materials: wood, stone, minerals, geology
  • Cliff, shore, quarry: marble, fossils, ammonites, shells, oil, ore, copper


  • Architecture, ancient cathedrals, churches, great houses, simple dwellings
  • Plain structures and ornate decoration: columns, capitals, walls, floors, terrazzo, mosaics
  • Rich and exquisite or crude and utilitarian


  • Beautiful and versatile. Many forms and species: textures, patterns, colours, seasons
  • Fine trees, inspire! Young and old. For habitats, structures, furnishing, decorating

Good as sources for textile art?

  • Yes! Inspirational! Markings, colours, textures
  • Interpretation: Surface manipulations: gathering, shibori, quilting, dyeing


  1. Fashion Design
  2. See Audrey Walker’s embroidery: ‘Monarchy’! Life changing!
    • Goldsmiths College of Art. Graduation. Studio: Dorset.
    • Assist creation of Dorset Craft Guilds Centre ‘Walford Mill’. Director for 5 years.
    • Scotland. Embryo. Edge. New friends!