Artist Statement

For many years now my main inspiration has been the valley of Glengairn in rural Aberdeenshire, a place of spectacular beauty. The marks, scars and patterns left on the hillsides by generations of crofters and landowners I interpret using paint and textiles, often combining both in a finished piece.

During “Lockdown”, however, when movement was curtailed, I found myself looking at still life, rediscovering all the different elements that I had enjoyed in my original training as a painter.

Interpreting the mood, colour and atmosphere of Scotland’s wild places, however, remains my true obsession. Although I started as a painter, through my years of teaching I discovered a passion for textiles.

I have exhibited widely in the UK and abroad, often showing with my friend and colleague Rosemary Campbell. I have been a former member of the 62 Group and past Chairman of both the Textile Study Group and edge.