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S U M M E R  B R E A K  &  A  F O C U S  O N  T E X T I L E S

As we head towards the end of August and prepare for the short annual closing period of the gallery, we look at the devoted craftsmanship of textiles. 
The gallery will close for a short break from 21st August – 4th of September 2020. We will still be taking orders through our Online shop.
Flow showcases a broad range of textiles. We love this diverse medium, linked by a sense of the maker’s devotion to the material. The passing of time encapsulated through thousands of threads.

Coral & Tusk celebrate embroidered works where adornment takes centre stage. Pieces for the home have a story-telling spirit, and the gallery showcases their embroidered pillows and table linens. Continuing into story-telling works, Yoriko Muriyama creates fibre objects which explore ideas of memory. By forming familiar shapes, Yoriko asks her audience to bring their own story to her objects.

Debbie Smyth and Maria Bijlenga compose drawings of rhythmical movements. Debbie lifts the drawn line off the page to pin and thread a spontaneous drawing full of energy. Maria draws in space but forming objects which are freed from the white wall creating a spatial drawing. Both artists compose intricate and playful textiles.
Catarina Riccabona and Aino Kajaniemi are devoted to the craft of weaving where the sense of touch and movement are captured in their throws and tapestries. Catarina is process-led and material-focused, purely using unbleached and undyed linen in her warp and her weft yarns are linen, hemp, wool and alpaca. Through this palette, Catarina forms quiet throws. Knotted yarns are woven into the weft creating a soft and multifaceted throw to hold. Aino, on the other hand, creates tapestries that are small line-drawings where the spirit of content meets a sense of touch through her use of materials. 
With the British summer at its peak in August, we took a visit to ‘Common Thread’, a textile exhibition at Roche Court. The show brings together a group of artists, each of whose work focuses on the history of textile technology and design, and their shifting values for people across place and time. We particularly enjoyed the work of Sophie Rowley and Isobel Napier.
Isobel Napier
Sculptural artworks are dotted around the carefully composed yet wild gardens of Roche Court. You can wander through the gallery which joins the Orangery and admire the work of Mark Corfield-Moore. Through to the walled garden and into the Design House where you will find the beautifully curated main body of ‘Common Threads’. The Design House is a beautiful balance of a home and a gallery space. We thoroughly recommend a visit.
Jodie Carey in the Orangery
Sophie Rowley
As we look ahead into the coming year, we see textiles take a step into the limelight. We are looking forward to the Kimono show at the Victoria & Albert Museum opening on the 27th August, welcoming new works into the gallery by Debbie Smyth and Åsa Pärson in September and showing the work of Jo Barker at Collect. 
Thank you for your warm support to us and our artists over the past months. We wish you all a wonderful August and look forward to welcoming you back in September. 
We will be welcoming work Åsa Pärson in September
Please call or email us to arrange a viewing of the gallery’s collection, exhibition, to enquire about any available works or commissions.
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