Some updates on our exhibition which started yesterday………!  virtually of course
Your exhibition is now up on the front page of the HCG website at
If you want to link directly to the Edge page, the best address to use is:
This address should remain live for the foreseeable future.
Any problems or comments – please get in touch.
All the best
Alistair Harbour Cottage
Hi everybody,
I hope you are all keeping safe and well during these extraordinary times.
Here’s a link to a the Harbour Cottage Gallery, Kirkcudbright. Alistair has created a page giving a taste of what the public are missing and all being well we will be showing the work there in April 2021 – with knobs on. If you have any other images of pieces you would like to appear on the page please send them to me/Shan with artist statement and price inc 30%.
So when you’ve finished your planting or sorting grab yourself your fav drink, get comfy and have a browse.


Harbour Cottage Exhibition 6th April 2020