I thought I would do some themed blogs – hopefully I will find time with all the exciting things I can get up to in the studio – isn’t it amazing how much housework needs to be done when one has time to go to the studio, work room, kitchen table etc.

Many of  “big” textile works are tapestries –  the gallery that features the seven tapestries showing The Hunt of the Unicorn which are in the Cloisters Museum in New York.

Or quilts, and carpets

Leah Higgins  She had some large quilts at the quilt show in Glasgow earlier this month.

I had a very interesting book for Christmas/birthday – called Vitamin T——— Threads and Textiles in Contemporary Art, by Phaidon – so this is a bit of a source for the artists – there may not be pictures as I don’t want to break copyright – but names and websites should be okay.

First off – Sheila Hicks, don’t know if anyone has followed her at all.  I find her work fascinating – and as I trained as a sculpture I have to mention (although there doesn’t seem to be a website for her you can find her work here) Phyllida Barlow

Claire Zeisler worked with jute, rope, metal and wood for a base.



so have a look at stuff on this site – if you don’t already get it –

HAUSER & WIRTH presents inaugural online exhibition, ‘louise bourgeois drawings 1947-2007’

Will try and send you other stuff as it comes to hand.









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