I had a Mary Quant suit, and I hitched up the skirt a bit because it was rather long for 1967/8.  I wore it to my brothers wedding and horrified my parents and the aunties – so short, they could see my knees!!!

Well now you can see it for yourself at the V&A Dundee.  Also a bit about the exhibition in a tour on 2nd May 2020


I have been travelling about the country over the past week, and in Cambridge saw some interesting Egyptian textiles in Fitzwilliam – the colours were still glowing, how they may have looked when they were produced.  Unfortunately I am unable to find any images for you.

In Oxford friends found some exhibitions I might be interested in:

Modern Art Oxford  had an exhibition by Johanna Unzueta: Tools for Life.  She says “I grew up working with my hands.  My mum always said I learned to weave and knit before I learned to read and write.  Hands are tools for me and I can’t disconnect that.”

She produced some large felt items, clothing and felt works that looked like pipes and taps, and spent matches.  It was interesting to see her handwork in these items.   Part of the exhibition was works on paper – using traditional dyeing techniques, using indigo.  Working up layers until she has the right colour.  She then uses embroidery hoops to mark out the shapes, and fills the shapes in with drawing marks that look like stitching and also makes holes in the paper – the papers are viewed from both the front and the back, with light coming through the wee holes.

You can see more online at modernartoxford.org.uk/blog

The Weston Library to see an exhibition of maps from the Bodleian Library – which included tapestry a map, which had been conserved and a modern tapestry map by Grayson Perry (I think).  Here is the link to a YouTube film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSixyshSS48&feature=youtu.be

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I had one of those – a Mary Quant suit. Don’t forget Quines in Edinburgh starting on 7th March